About Us

Established in 1994 and celebrating 30 years in the air cargo industry, Air Logistics Group (ALG) has established almost 90 offices in 45 countries, and continues to strive to be the leading global cargo General Sales & Service Agent (GSSA).

With over $500m of cargo sales and close to half a million air waybills every year, processed by almost 400 employees, ALG has evolved to become one of the most recognized, respected and professional GSSA companies in the world.

Now more than ever, airlines see outsourcing of cargo as a sensible option in terms of cost saving and incremental revenue. They are looking for a strong partner that is reputable, financially sound and can add real value in terms of revenue, network coverage and experienced personnel who understand the needs of an Airline and its forwarding clients.

ALG continues to reinvest significantly in IT & digitalization, and continues to strengthen its network to provide a cost-effective solution to airlines in a multitude of specialist cargo fields such as sales, revenue accounting, trucking management and business intelligence. Any airline – large or small – in any region of the world can take advantage of ALG’s comprehensive range of services and find a customized solution to meet their specific requirements.

Above all, ALG prides itself on providing outstanding service to airlines and forwarding clients alike. ALG is setting the industry standard, maintaining the highest level of customer service with special focus on transparency and compliance, and being a real value-added partner to the airline clients it represents.