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Latest News

Air Logistics Welcomes C.A.L Expansion at JFK

Air Logistics America is pleased to welcome C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines third weekly B747 freighter rotation to New York ’s JFK airport which commences February 1 st . This new scheduled operation will add a much-needed Saturday morning departure that compliments C.A.L’s existing Thursday and Sunday flights which service LGG and TLV. Space on both freighters consistently sells-out quickly so the introduction of additional weekend capacity is viewed as a commercially viable step. 

“We work very hard to offer JFK shippers a superior product to both Tel Aviv and Europe ,” comments C.A.L’s U.S. Manager, Ronen Regermen. “Our load-factors have been extremely heavy and consistent---we’re turning away cargo regardless of the season which is a problem any freighter airline from JFK would like to have.” 

As the General Sales Agent for C.A.L. in the U.S. , Air Logistics America provides sales and service support both at JFK and their network of offices across the country. Managing Director Henry Miller comments: “This is an extremely well run and commercially savvy carrier; it’s no wonder that demand has been so high. Much of this stems from delivering a very consistent product which is carefully managed; from selling the service to loading the aircraft, we watch everything.” 

As synonymous as C.A.L. is with top-shelf freighter service to the Israeli market, their stopover connections in Liege , Belgium have made substantial commercial gains. Facilitated by a well orchestrated intra-Europe tucking program, a typical C.A.L. departure from New York will be a well blended load of European destinations that range from The Benelux to France . Additionally, a C.A.L. manifest frequently shows irregular commodities such as aircraft engines, perishables and outsized freight. 

Regermen admits this wasn’t always the case, “18 months ago most shippers thought of us as strictly a Tel Aviv carrier and now that’s changed 180 degrees. We’re seeing steady loads into Europe which provide us with a balanced revenue picture from JFK. And service to both regions has been excellent so word is getting around---we get lots of repeat business.”