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Latest News

Air Logistics America Signs Tampa Cargo

Air Logistics America is pleased to announce that they have entered into a new exclusive cargo General Sales Agency agreement in the United States.

Effective April 1st, Colombian cargo airline Tampa Cargo joins the Air Logistics (ALG) family of carriers and will call upon them for cargo sales and service in the Midwest (Chicago), Northeast (New York) and Mid-Atlantic (Washington D.C.) territories. Tampa Cargo’s combination of new B767 freighter aircraft and ever increasing Latin America coverage makes them a strategic and valued partner for Air Logistics.

“As Latin cargo carriers go, it simply doesn’t get any better than Tampa, “ says Henry Miller, Air Logistics USA manager, “Everything at this airline seems to be moving up---reliability, frequency, destinations---you name it. This will be a hugely popular product and we’re pleased that our unequaled U.S. presence will give Tampa the aggressive local coverage it needs.”

Air Logistics America is one of the largest air cargo general sales agents in the Americas and operates a network of airport offices throughout the U.S. Representing some of the world’s top airlines, ALG provides the most comprehensive air cargo sales and customer service outsourcing available today.